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Peak performance.

It’s a term that’s often used in athletic training and competition. It’s stated as a goal of professional athletes, those aiming to become professional athletes, and those who just want to be the best that they can be. But working out harder and longer and watching one’s weight is only part of the solution. Sure, it may get you a little closer to peak performance, but in order to be truly elite – It takes a whole lot more. And that’s what we give you with the Elite Performance Training program.
Do you think having just a small edge doesn’t matter? What if elite training with us gave you the slightest edge in whatever you train for?
Here’s what a slight edge meant to these former Olympic athletes:

  • GREG BARTON WINS 1,000 METER KAYAK GOLD BY .005 SECONDS (1 cm)! (1988 Olympics)

Do you know who came in second in any of these meets?
Neither does anyone else and that’s the point. The right training program can have a life-changing effect on you.

  • It’s the difference between winning gold or coming up painfully short.
  • It’s being a professional athlete having to watch the game from the bench or having a huge contract.
  • It’s the difference in winning a championship or not.

Or maybe, you just want to be the absolute best that you can be in every way.
Our Elite Performance Training program CAN be the difference you need to reach and exceed your goals.

The Program


What separates our program from any others is our assessments and evaluations of:

  • Breathing,
  • Sleep,
  • Nutrition,
  • Workout,

and life plan for our clients.

Our full testing template consists of:
– Proprietary genetic testing,
– Full panel hormone,
– Vitamin and mineral panel for nutritional recommendations,
– Functional oxygen to test its movement through the body
– Sleep analysis to determine when and how much sleep you need for peak performance,
– Structural evaluations,
– Movement screening,
– and mindset testing.

All of this crucial testing will help us create the scientifically and goal based program designed uniquely for you.
This detailed program will allow you to achieve your goals the right way – Faster and healthier than any other way.


Step 1. Evaluation

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1. Review goals: short term, long term, life goals.
2. Create the system to hold them accountable.
3. Blood test, DNA Gene test, sleep evaluation, nutrition analysis, Breathing test BOLT score, 3. other life style evaluations, structure analysis (PRI), movement test (FMS and Functional 3. Range), strength and speed test, reaction evaluation, eye and hearing evaluation, RFT 3. evaluation.
Establish a culture of greatness to improve character and team unity.
Performance = capability + behavior
Leaders create the right environment for the right behavior to occur. Develop people everyday.
Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.
Our value decides our character. Our character decides our value.
Out source as much as possible.

Step 2. The Plan

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Come up with a plan based on all test, goals of the athlete and time line we are working with.

Step 3. Execute The Plan

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  • Attack each day with unrivaled enthusiasm when training the athletes! Build confidence so much that they know without a shadow of a doubt they will kill it when it’s time to perform. Everyday we push a little more!

Step 4. Re test

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  • After a couple of weeks or a month, retest everything. Make sure we are getting better.

Step 5. Make adjustments

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  • Make any adjustments to their plan if needed. Sleep, nutrition, lifestyle, training or anything else that needs attention.

Step 6. Remind them of goals daily

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  • In everything we do, we must remind our athlete of the goal they are seeking and how what we are doing today will help them achieve their overall goal. There has to be a connection so they stayed engaged and not just go through the motions.

Step 7. Let them fly

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  • Get them to a point that they trust their preparation so much there is no doubt how they will perform when the time comes.


I focus on a series of issues that help us determine together, the needs that are to be met. Beginning with weakness, moving into technique, and further examining strength, gives both the client and I a firm foundation for training.
Think of your elite body as a Formula One race car.
In order to get it running at peak performance, we don’t start by fixing and tuning it. We have to determine what needs to be fixed and tuned – We have to find the current weakness.

Identify Weakness

The same holds true for your body. First, we have to find the weaknesses and the imbalances and address those issues first. By identifying and strengthening specific weaknesses of an athlete helps to improve other areas that the athlete might lack.
For example, one of the elite athletes I worked with had tightness in his back muscles. We loosened and then strengthened those muscles, which dramatically increased his quickness and his change of direction.


Every one of our clients are taught the proper technique in order to allow them to run, jump, and change directions properly which eliminates wasted time and motion.

“Dealing with the weakness and imbalances of athletes and teaching the proper technique of movements will increase all athletes’ athletic performance tremendously.”


The next step is to focus on strengthening the muscles (gluts, quad, hamstrings, etc.) in the proper order to help increase performance further.
All athletes will learn the proper technique for weight lifting and strengthening the core and hips as they are the most vital part to any athletes’ performance.


Helping you to get faster and stronger is the goal we’ll meet, but a key component to being the absolute best that you can be, is your attitude.
Attitude really IS everything. We will need you to drive your level of intensity and energy you bring to every workout, practice and game to get the most out of your athletic experience. We’ll help with this of course, but in the end, it comes down to your effort!

The Difference

Because of my experience in athletics, and my drive to be the best, I became obsessed with finding out everything that can improve performance and give an athlete even the slightest advantage.
That’s why our program truly stands alone above anything available in the world of elite athletes training for peak performance.
Our program not only improves performance in athletics – It improves overall health like nothing else.
There is no other program on the planet that offers all of the benefits that we do and can guarantee our clients’ improvement in performance like we can.
Our non-athlete clients will see their goals achieved as well – guaranteed.
Teams that work with us will not only see improvement in performance, but tenacity, focus on ‘team’ and a guarantee to virtually eliminate non contact injuries and lower overall injuries.


This program is an investment in you.
Depending on where you are performance-wise when you come to us, your results will be dramatic.
You’ll see, feel, and do things you’ve never done before – You’ll know more about yourself and your drive to be the best you can be.
It will be a life changing journey.
While we’ve never had a client ask us for it, we offer a full, 100% money back guarantee to you within the first 30 days of working with us. Zero risk, but so much to gain.